The "Amici del Gonfalone" Association, founded in Rome on February 1, 1996, mainly aims to support and promote the musical activity of the Oratorio del Gonfalone, one of the most distinguished and deserving Roman concert institutions. The Association, whose first President was the late Prof. Federico Zeri, is attended by professionals, managers, information workers, teachers, institutions, public and private companies. His commitment is aimed primarily at the development and constant upgrading of concert programming, and supervising artistic choices, from the beginning mainly oriented to the Baroque repertoire performed with original instruments, and giving them a more valid and effective logistical, organizational and financial support. , able to make it a precious opportunity and a welcome step for the greatest Italian and foreign artists and performers. Currently, a renewed push for a further consolidation of the activity, directs and urges the efforts towards the decisive prospect of transforming the Gonfalone into a real center of cultural elaboration and production, that can best enhance also the artistic value of the architecture and the works of art that make up its headquarters.